Connect BangladeshWe just launched in Bangladesh on the Robi network! It’s another step towards connecting the world.

Bangladesh has more than 170 million people, but fewer than 10% are connected to the internet.

Research shows that for every 10 people who gain access to the internet, at least one person is lifted out of poverty. This is because the internet brings access to jobs, education and health information, and valuable communication tools.

We have the opportunity to lift up more than 10 million people in Bangladesh and hundreds of millions around the world.

Here’s a photo of Joyita, a journalist in Pakistan who uses her mobile phone to get updates on jobs and news assignments.

‪#‎connectbangladesh‬ ‪#‎connecttheworld‬ …. @ All right reserved by Mark Zuckerberg & My Country 2015 …


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